Decisions of the SC, January 9, 2007

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Decisions of the SC, January 9, 2007

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Decisions of the SC Jan 9, 2007

Present: Llewelyn, Book, Chung, Mirabeau, Murakami

Note: votes recorded are of all those present at the time of voting.

1. On reviewing the RA's latest approved bill on PCA Judiciary Amendment + Judiciary Revision Bill for constitutionality:

Bill is ratified as constitutional.

However, the constitutional amendment is clearly made to refer to the 'Soothsayer's Rules' as general guidelines on how the court hearings shall be held. We thus suggest that the RA clarifies if by that statement the RA is (a) forcing the SC to adopt a specific set of rules or (b) allowing the SC to elaborate and reformulate said set of rules, by keeping to the *principles* stated herein. The SC has reached the conclusion in its decision to ratify that the meaning is (b).

Aye (ratify) votes: Llewelyn, Book, Chung, Mirabeau
Abstain: Murakami

2. On reviewing several clarifications on the election procedures and alleged violations of those by some parties who allegedly failed to fully comply with the requirements:

a.) Is passing a law within the 2 weeks prior to an RA elections constitutional or not?

RA meetings and passing laws within the 2 weeks prior to RA elections is upheld as constitutional

Aye (constitutional) votes: Llewelyn, Chung, Murakami
Abstain: Mirabeau

b.) What constitutes a faction for the purposes of the RA election?

For the purposes of the elections, the SC shall consider the list provided by factions in NL 5-18 as authoritative, subject to the SC's verification.

Aye (approve the statement): Llewelyn, Chung
Abstain: Mirabeau

3. Review of many requests for forum moderation and appeals of moderation.

The SC resolved to create a SC-only forum where any appeal can be posted as a "proposal"; all the SC members would then be charged with reading the post and voting within some days after which the issue is closed. For reference full procedure was posted by Mirabeau here.

All existing complaints will be dealt via this mechanism.

Aye (approve resolution): Llewelyn, Chung, Mirabeau

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