Some suggestions for PIO work

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Diderot Mirabeau
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Some suggestions for PIO work

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I have a few ideas for things it would be nice to have communicated out to the citizens by way of the goold old tradition of weekly newsletters that Salzie introduced:

- Fernando Book's unofficial guide to independent voters
- Calendar of upcoming events in CDS
- Calendar of government meetings
- A proposal to establish "CDS Tourist Guides" on a volunteer basis
- Layman's description of new acts and constitutional amendments
- Mention of new citizens (possibly with an introduction) and of those we've lost
- Advertisements from the Chancellor soliciting citizen assistance

Flyingroc Chung
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Re: Some suggestions for PIO work

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[quote="Diderot Mirabeau":20a5bouq]
- Calendar of upcoming events in CDS

I've made this events "info kiosk" in SL. What it does is scrape the events forum rss feed, and tried to display the first 5 postings on the forum. Take a look at it in front of the DPU headquarters in nstadt. It's fairly basic, but I hope it's a small way to help inform people who might not be aware of the forums.

If we consolidate all the government announcements forums, I could do something similar for it.

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