On time frames of Proposals, Budgets + RA Agenda

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On time frames of Proposals, Budgets + RA Agenda

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I had a fruitful conversation with Calli some weeks ago and would like to publish some suggestions which came to her mind. Our aim is to find clear regulations for publishing Chancellor's budget, legislative Proposals and the RA Agenda to allow a maximum of citizen participation without crippling the processes.

As Calli pointed out, CDSL 17-01 was issued in a turbulent era as a patch for chaotic actions of the RA, but it has its flaws. We have to discuss if we want no definition when a law takes effect, or if we give it a (short) standard period until it comes into force.

Anyway, I will give you a short summary of Calli's points:
personally I'd like to see proposals of laws or amendments up on the Forums 30 days before (and get rid of the "don't take effect for 30 days")
A post in the CDS group also with the proposal on a notecard - that covers in and out of world and fits with 17-01.
Budget needs a bit tighter timeline - but a minimum of a week I think - recognizing that at this time of year people aren't always paying a lot of attention or people who travel for work can miss things in a 3 or 4 day span.
Same thing - Chancellor can post inworld and also on the Exec forum
So I would word something like : all notices from govt must be posted inworld by notecard and in the appropriate Forums (Exec, RA, Discussion)...
The following timeframes are required: proposed laws or amendments to laws must be published 30 days before being voted on.
Proposed budgets must be posted at least 7 days before voting on.
All other actions of the RA, including agendas that specify proposals and administrative discussion must be posted 24 (48 :) ) hours before meeting time.
We can use this as a starting point. To get everything we need into this post, I quote the CDSL 17-01 below.
CDSL 17-01 Citizen Notification Act
1. Posting information on the CDS forums and via in world notices will be considered to be sufficient notification to citizens of changes which affect them.

2. Citizens will be given at least 30 days notice of such changes.

3. This Act shall not apply to notice of meetings provided that any action taken at the meeting is ineffective for thirty days under this Act to allow citizen comment and requests for revision.

4. This Act shall apply only to general, public actions, and not to private actions (such as covenant enforcement and foreclosure for not paying tier)

Passed 30 June 2012, amended 4 August 2012
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