New Guild - Mission and Organization

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Jon Seattle
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I need a hobby
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New Guild - Mission and Organization

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I am posting a series of proposals for the new Guild. I am posting each as a topic in the forum so as to allow separate discussion threads. This first message is just taken from the bill proposing the New Guild as a chartered CDS organization.

[size=200:vdnixali]New Guild - Mission and Organization[/size:vdnixali]

The Guild will be a community chartered voluntary organization. All projects that involve the expenditure of public funds must be approved by the CDS government.


The new Guild has the following responsibilities:

1. To organize, plan, and execute the construction of new simulator regions, extending CDS territory.

2. To provide continuing hands-on education in: building, design, architecture, scripting and the development of external software used to support in-world activities. To provide certification in these skills.

This education must be free to all citizens who are willing to work on CDS sponsored projects, and may be made available to non-citizens willing to pay tuition.

3. To provide technical advice and services to the office of the chancellor and the RA as needed to maintain and develop CDS regions.

4. To acquire and manage resources needed by citizens for building and design such as sandbox areas and prim banks. To set rules for the use of these resources.


The Guild is governed by two committees:

1. The faculty committee will design the curriculum for continuing education, decide on artistic and technical capabilities a student must demonstrate to obtain certification and will set procedures and standards for the design and construction of new simulator regions.

Membership on the faculty committee will depend only on artistic, technical, and pedagogical skills. Membership will not be limited to citizens of the CDS.

2. The administrative board will manage Guild resources, land, and buildings, set policies and procedures both for the Guild and for the school, and organize work groups to respond to requests of the CDS, or others. The board represents the Guild in all dealings with the CDS.

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