Mock elections results

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Flyingroc Chung
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Passionate Protagonist
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Mock elections results

Post by Flyingroc Chung »

Thanks to everyone who participated in my voting system's trial run. Everything seems to have worked as expected.

There are some issues regarding security that Claude has alerted me about, and a couple of requests—one to have the user names be case insensitive, and another to send email confirmation of the vote. Hopefully, these will be addressed by the time we run a real election.

For the record, here are the results:

There were 13 people who voted; the raw scores are:

JLA: 30
XMEN: 20

[b:2q7sglt3]edit:[/b:2q7sglt3] ack! my raw scores computation for individual rankings has a bug. Updated the scores below to reflect real scores.

Individual scores for JLA candidates:
Gwyneth Llewelyn: 11
Calmtommy Lowell: 7
Mezumi Akula: 6

Individual scores for TITANS candidates:
Brian Livingston: 11
Eugene Pomeray: 8
Coyotestorm Tully: 7
Moon Adamant: 4

Individual scores for XMEN candidates:
Flyingroc Chung: 15
Aliasi Stonebender: 13
Sudane Erato: 13
Kazuhiko Shirakawa: 9

According to the Sainte Lague method, JLA gets 2 seats, TITANS gets 2 seats, and XMEN gets 1 seat. So, the initial composition of the RA would have been:

Gwyneth Llewelyn
Calmtommy Lowell
Brian Livingston
Eugene Pomeray
Flyingroc Chung

Note that we have a case where if the XMEN got 2 seats, we'd need a mechanism to break the tie. Has nburg experienced this sort of tie before, and if so, how did we manage to break it? If not, how would we want to break the tie?

Brian Livingston
Veteran debater
Veteran debater
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Post by Brian Livingston »

Woohoo! I would like to thank my cats, the wonderful people of Neualtenburg, and of course, Bob Newhart, without whom I would never have been able to make it to where I am today.

I pledge to you, the voters, that I will uphold the promises I made to you during this tumultuous process, including:

- Proposing the contruction of a large waterslide leading from the schloss down towards altenburg

- Personally beating 3 rando0mly selected Lindens in a Brautwurst eating competition

I look forward to a prosperous and productive term with the RA and look forward to crushing you all with my mighty wrath.

Yours truly,

His Royal Highness Brian Livingston the Supurbly Brave

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Passionate Protagonist
Passionate Protagonist
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Post by Dianne »

I would like to recommend we start impeachment procedings [b:2cxbpflf]immediately[/b:2cxbpflf] against "Brian the Superbly Brave."

I find his waterslide policy an abhorrent violation of everything we stand for and would like to quote many long documents to support this theory.

It would be best if the impeachment proceedings involved a trial, lots of acrimony, nasty remarks and personal accusations and ended inconclusively.

Only then will we know that due process was properly followed. :shock:

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Brian Livingston
Veteran debater
Veteran debater
Posts: 213
Joined: Sun Jun 04, 2006 7:19 pm

Post by Brian Livingston »


How dare you challenge the free and fair elections of the citizens of this republic! Rabble Rabble Rabble...

Long live.... me!

His Royal Highness Brian Livingston the Lionhearted

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