Here's the PIO (Public Information Officer)

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Diderot Mirabeau
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Here's the PIO (Public Information Officer)

Post by Diderot Mirabeau »

Hello everyone

I've just been appointed the new Public Information Officer (PIO) for the CDS and I thought I'd post here to let you know what would be my immediate priorities in taking over this position.

It is my impression that as PIO one's responsibilities is to ensure that citizens and visitors feel well informed about what's going on in the CDS. I will therefore prioritise both internal and external communications in my capacity.

I will:
- Create a weekly email newsletter sent out to every citizen who has deposited his/her email address with us. The newsletter will focus on:
* Political issues and highlights from forum discussions
* News of events
* Solicitations for volunteers to help with citizen initiatives

- Delegate responsibility for maintenance of the Anzere infohub to a team of interested citizens on a trial basis

- Ensure transparent access for citizens, press organisations and visitors to information and government officials

- Maintain regular in world office hours:
* Marktplatz in Neufreistadt, Mondays from 2 - 3 PM SLT
* Forum in Colonia Nova, Sundays from noon - 1PM SLT
* Anzere Infohub, Thursdays from 2 - 3 PM SLT

- Be available by IM and dedicated email/GMail Chat on [email protected]

- Enlist and co-ordinate efforts of any interested citizen volunteers

- Facilitate and co-ordinate the process of developing a marketing effort to promote the idea of living in CDS - especially the next sim

If you have any further ideas on how the PIO job function can be made more effective please do not hesitate to contact me by one of the above means.

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Sudane Erato
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Post by Sudane Erato »

Diderot, this sounds great! Reach me for access to the citizens' email list, which Salzie started during her tenure.


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