Budget - rough draft

For planning and discussing issues related to Colonia Nova, Neufreistadt's second sim under the Confederation of the Democratic Simulators.

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Budget - rough draft

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These figures are based on the rough draft budget I put together for CN back in October. I'm putting it under rough headings because I don't know how to post an Excel spreadsheet here.


US$ 2000
With an RA approved limit of $2 500. This has since been increased by the RA to $3 500 which is nearer the actual amount raised.


[i:17x0ooew]Building[/i:17x0ooew] L$64 500/ US$ 240
I put in fees of L$ 5000 for most 'big' builds and L$ 100 for smaller ones. Both are nominal fees but provide some recompense for work done for CN.

[i:17x0ooew]Promotion[/i:17x0ooew] L$ 18 000/ US$ 70
Figures given by the Promotion sub-group

[i:17x0ooew]Purchase of new sim[/i:17x0ooew] US$ 1140

[i:17x0ooew]Monthly Tier[/i:17x0ooew] US$ 390
I assumed it would take a few months for CN to become full enough to pay its own tier and this would amount to two full months overally i.e. two times 195

[b:17x0ooew]Total Expenditure [/b:17x0ooew]= approximately US$ 1840[/list:u:17x0ooew]


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